Friday, May 28, 2010

Creativity, and a day off

At last, a day at home, all day! It seems like I've been running since last week. Oh, wait, I have. Today is much more laid back: I mowed the back yard, ironed shirts, tossed laundry around, vacuumed the house, fed the kids, played with the guinea pigs, snuggled the cats (all three of them), threw a frozen lasagna in the oven, and generally caught up on stuff. The kids are watching 'The Black Stallion,' so I guess I'll call that literature for the day.

I have to sit down and decorate a half dozen pottery pieces tonight and tomorrow AM. We're supposed to go to a friend's house for a bonfire tonight, but they won't mind if I bring a couple things to work on. (The likelihood of me getting them done before dinner is pretty small.) I need to drop them off at the pottery studio in Vestal tomorrow. I've got two large round plates, two small serving plates (a leaf shape and a rectangle), a bowl and a mug to work on. We'll see where the decorating muse takes me this time.

I'm also working on a couple small abstract paintings, overdrawing them with black marker. Those will be sent to The Lemon Tree, a boutique in downtown Wake Forest, NC, where I have a number of my ceramics for sale. Consignment hasn't been very successful for me with the ceramics - the commission to the shop means I have to keep the prices higher than I'd like to earn any sort of profit on them. But the co-owner of The Lemon Tree still wants me to keep some items there (apparently they attract lots of positive comments for style/design, but I'd like fewer comments and more sales, lol!), so I agreed to continue for a while. She also offered to stock some of my smaller paintings, so that's what the two I've been working on lately are for.

Someday I would like to have a bona fide second income for our family from my art. This will take a while, I think. . . .

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