Thursday, May 6, 2010

Changes, with a Big Bang Theory chaser

Some of us handle change better than others, right? This week has been really hard on one of our kids - they have Asperger's Syndrome (mild autism), and change always throws them for a loop. This week has been very unsettled, with the floor project necessitating the removal of appliances and the rearranging not only of the house but of every other routine as well. Poor kid, they've been totally discombobulated since last weekend, and we won't have everything back together until this weekend. He feels like EVERYONE moved his cheese this week, and I can't say that I blame him. Helping him to deal with change is one of the bigger challenges of having a child on the autistic spectrum. So far I'm reasonably calm and collected dealing with his anxiety and verbal acting out, but I know we'll all be glad when our house and routine return to what passes for normal around here.

Speaking of Asperger's, have you ever watched the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory"? It's the funniest thing I've seen in years. I'm not a TV person at all; I have NO use for 99% of it. But someone at work turned my husband on to it, so we rented it from Netflix. It's hysterically funny (especially if you're a latent geek like I am). But, it's also very close to home as far as one of the main character's personality traits, which are extremely Aspie in nature. "Doing a Sheldon" has become a phrase in our house for acting especially AS over something. So sometimes I laugh out loud at the show, and other times I shake my head and say, "Didn't I just have that conversation/situation at home today?" The best comedy is what hits close to home. Maybe that's why I enjoy Bill Cosby's old routines so much too. . . .

I've planted some containers with annuals the past couple days. One is full of bronze-leaved red begonias and coleus, another of mixed coleus and alyssum, a third full of cuttings from a kalanchoe I've had for a few years. Containers are fun - I can play with color and texture without feeling like I've invested a lot of money in it. I've also ousted some tulips that just didn't do anything for me - I'll replant the bulbs elsewhere, or maybe give them to a friend. They weren't pink enough (package descriptions and pictures can LIE), but they're not warm enough to blend with the tulips out front (which are screaming shades of red/orange/yellow). I planted them on a whim last fall, but this year I'll be more intentional with them - Brent and Becky's Bulbs, here I come!

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  1. Poor's hard for most people to have the house in a state of upheaval. Hopefully things are done quick and back to 'normal' in no time! :)