Monday, May 10, 2010

Of teeth and teaching

Tooth troubles are dragging me down again. I've struggled with a chronic infection for years, and just within the last 6 months my new dentist (since the move) was able to zero in on the problem and treat it. I had four wonderful pain-free months, but the problem returned last week. Chronic pain is a real problem, and one seriously underestimated by quite a few medical/dental professionals. I am SO glad my new dentist takes my pain seriously!! But, the down side is that she thinks I need to have my crown redone to permanently fix the problem. Cringe! I am so tired of having dental procedures; I wish I had my husband's perfect, beautiful, healthy teeth. Still, I am grateful for good dentistry in the U.S.

I finally got the kids registered to return to public school in the fall. This has been a long time coming, and a really tough decision for us to make. One child's autism has been a constant stressor on all of us, and the dynamic between the kids has deteriorated over the past few years. I say that one kid has special needs via Asperger's Syndrome, and the other has special needs sibling syndrome. I'm burnt toast on the home schooling, and I hope that the school can help us all move forward again.

I anticipated that I would get mixed reactions from friends about our decision, for although I didn't really think my friends are legalistic, I was still nervous about their opinions. Some people are adamant that public school is evil and is NEVER the best choice for any Christian family who loves their kids. I've never believed that, although I did hope to home school through high school because it initially worked so well for our family. We started teaching our children at home when our one child was diagnosed with AS, 6 years ago. I never went into it for ideological reasons; it was simply the best way to address our child's needs. And it worked! But now it's not. Thankfully, I've received almost complete support for our decision from our home schooling friends. I appreciate their Christian grace extended to our family, and their lack of legalism.

(Family is another matter. Certain family members don't believe that AS exists, and that our child is simply willful and spoiled, and that public school will "straighten him out" and that it's "about time." But that's another posting. . . .)

Home schooling has been a marvelous tool for us, and one that I might take up again if the public school proves to be unsuccessful (for whatever reason, or whichever child). But for now, I am SO ready to be DONE with this school year, it's almost painful. Almost as bad as my chronic toothache - but not quite.

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  1. It's always easy to have judgement of others situation when you haven't walked in their shoes. But, here in reality we know that AS is very real. You brought your family into our little community almost a year ago, and not only is the said child not spoiled, but he's completely endearing and delightful. His struggles are hard for me to watch at times, because I know the magical and brilliant boy that is waiting on the sidelines to be comfortable, and to share his thoughts and ideas. You have had a precious penny all these years, and you've kept wonderful care of that penny....and maybe public school can help to add a little sheen to the penny that you have loved and protected. You have our support, and if time brings you back into our 'sect' lol, then it's meant to be. And if time finds them thriving in school, then THAT is meant to be as well. :)