Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a week.

And I'll say it again: "WHAT A WEEK!" Is it over yet? Nope, not yet.

(Here I just wrote a long, detailed, WHINING passage about the things that didn't go my way this week. I reread the miserable litany, and erased it. Aren't you glad? LOL, I think I'll keep my complaining to myself.)

The weather is gorgeous today - sunny, breezy, and warm. After I get my son to finish his end-of-year testing, I think I'll go plant my blueberry bushes. They arrived in the mail a few days ago. I've always wanted a blueberry patch, so here's my chance. I need to get some more cardboard and mulch, to smother the grass the sprouted in the bed I prepared for them a couple months ago. I might also go get some lovely composted horse manure from my friend Sharon, to dig into that bed before I mulch.

Yesterday I planted out a bunch more of my winter-sown seedlings: several kinds of salvia, several kinds of zinnia, and gaillardia. I made labels for my daylily seedlings, and I might plant those out tonight. I'm trying to get all the winter sowing containers off my deck, so we can have it uncluttered for cookouts soon. I'd love to have some friends over on a nice evening, cook out, eat on the deck, let the kids play on the swing set, and generally have a low-key party. That would be much nicer without tripping over milk jugs full of little plants. . . .

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