Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bird feeders in the garden

I love having birds visit my garden, and a number of years ago my MIL gave me a nice bird feeder - the kind that prevents squirrels from raiding it by having the perches on a wire spring that closes the access to the seed when a heavier bird/animal tries to lean or perch on it. Right now I've got a male/female pair of goldfinches and a chipping sparrow at the feeder.

I've tried to plant things around the yard to attract birds - a dogwood tree near the feeder for perching and shelter, seed-bearing plants like amaranth, sunflowers, and coneflowers for later in the year. I have a couple more feeders I need to put up - my finch feeder for niger seed, and a peanut feeder, and a suet feeder. I'll get those up when I decide how I want to mount them. I have the main feeder right outside our "office" window, where I can see it from the computer, and I want the others there too. I hesitate to bung another pole into the yard there, but I don't think I want a many-armed feeder-go-round swiss-army-knife-of-feeder-stations thing either. I'll probably wind up with two poles, but I want to make them look nice, because I only want to put them in ONCE. The big feeder right now is on a single (ugly) metal pole, but I'd like to put in a nice, finished post for it this fall.

Our bluebird house appears to have bluebirds in it finally. It had a sparrow nest, which I removed a couple times, then the sparrows laid a clutch of eggs. I figured I leave them to it, if they were that determined, but a short time later the eggs were gone. Now there are four light blue eggs in the nest, and I've seen bluebirds there. The hole in the nest box is too small for robins, so I'm hoping I've got bluebirds at last. I might put up a second nest box at the other corner of the yard next year, and mount a robin nest shelf on the shed.

Did I mention I'd love to put a bat box on the house? My husband isn't convinced about that one yet. I'll keep working on him, nicely.

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