Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fifteen years.

Hard to believe, but today is our fifteenth wedding anniversary. (I almost typed 'weeding' - freudian slip?) In some ways our wedding seems like just last year, and in some ways I can feel every day of those 15 years. I can't say we've had an easy marriage, but I love my husband and he loves me, and we're still together by God's grace and Christ's mercy. Thank you, Lord, for 15 years; may we have many more.

I'm having one of those days I'd love to be shipped to Timbuktu - at least I'd get some alone time and not have to worry about parenting. Can you tell my kids are making me a bit crazy today? Our topics of conversation and discipline ran the gamut from, "Stop whining!" to, "If you hit your brother first, don't tattle when he hits you back," to, "Mood swings are a normal part of growing up, but they don't excuse the name calling and nasty behavior, so STOP IT." Somewhere in there we had gym and swim at the Y, and both kids did their math and their chores. I don't know about them, but I'm tired.

(As I type this, they've come in for another he-said-she-said whine-fest. I'm done for the day, and so are they. BEDTIME!!)

Happy anniversary - maybe we'll go out this weekend, WITHOUT THE KIDS.

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