Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gentle rain

It's amazing what going a way for a few days does to my vision of the garden. I come home with fresh eyes, and changes seem to really jump out at me. This morning, I went out back, and was amazed at how much some things had grown or changed over the long weekend. My squash have sprouted, my first peony is blooming, the sweet annie has grown 6" at least, the nicotiana have doubled in size, the sunflowers have some big, sturdy leaves on them now, the tomatoes have grown a bit - it's exciting to see the garden change and grow before my eyes.

Today we FINALLY have some gentle, soaking rain falling. It's been a very dry spring here in Upstate NY. I had to water all my new seedlings over the past couple weeks, because we had high temps and no precipitation at all. Last night the hot streak finally broke, with some small but intense thunderstorms, and overnight and this AM we've finally got some steadier rain falling. It feels so good! I expect when the temps warm up again and its sunny, the garden will practically explode with foliage and color.

Some of my daylilies are starting to put up their first scapes (blooming stalks) - more excitement! I'm especially excited to see some of the transplanted seedlings (2nd and 3rd year plants) getting ready to bloom. At last, I'll get to see their "faces." It's worse than waiting to meet my own children, lol!

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