Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm looking forward to getting out of town soon, to visit family in North Carolina and West Virginia. It's been a while since we took any kind of vacation, since well before the move last year, and we're long overdue. Seeing new scenery, and seeing loved ones will make for a good (but very long in the car) trip. I've been really down this weekend and this week, with too many things coming to a close or coming to a head. Physical and mental space will be a welcome relief.

Traveling with the kids will be fun, really. They're good travelers, but that doesn't mean I'm not going with a few tricks up my sleeve. After all, a 12 hour day in the car would try anyone's patience. So I'm taking precautions. I've picked up a couple new CDs for our son, who loves 80s music - one compilation disc, and one Huey Lewis & The News greatest hits. I'll pick up some Puppy Place and Magic School Bus chapter books for our daughter, and probably a coloring book of some sort. I'll pack her bag of colored pencils, so she'll have hours of entertainment. I might pick up a new Mad Libs book, or a set of BrainQuest cards. If my friend Sharon still has them, I might borrow another set of Your Story Hour cassettes (she's been selling them on eBay and switching to CDs). I picked up a NetForce book for my husband (who likes cyber-thrillers), and a couple Terry Pratchett books for myself ('Monstrous Regiment,' which I've read but don't have, and 'The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents,' which I have not). Traveling on vacation without a new book is just WRONG - at least in my opinion.

I just borrowed 'Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling' by Ross King, from my sister-in-law Teresa. I don't want to take that on our trip, since it's borrowed, but I'll be enjoying it this week at bedtime. Reading for pleasure during the day is a lost cause in my house, unless everyone else LEAVES. And I do so love to read. I always have, and I'm very glad to see that our kids enjoy reading too.

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