Friday, June 18, 2010

It's a girl thing

I'm enjoying my daughter having a sleepover with a friend, here at home. They started out with the hose outside (making mud puddles, spraying each other, then making the swing set slide into a water slide), then they had a quick rinse in the tub. Dinner was quick (grilled cheese and pickles), and they put in the animated horse movie 'Spirit' to enjoy while they ate. Then came the big entertainment: frosting and decorating angel food cakes! I bought a couple little angel food loaf cakes at Aldi, made some green and white frosting and put it in baggies with snipped corners, and set out candies and sprinkles and colored sugar. The girls had great fun doing their cakes (for tomorrow's enjoyment - one for us, one for her friend's family). Then they used more of the frosting and goodies to decorate graham crackers for snack. SUGAR BUZZ! The girls are all wound up and giggly, and are playing on the back porch now. I imagine it will take a while for them to fall asleep tonight.

Our son, meanwhile, is TOTALLY DISGUSTED with all the noisy girly stuff going on. I have to laugh (but not in front of him). It's a girl thing; he wouldn't understand.

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