Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's the little things.

It's the little things that matter so much, isn't it? It doesn't take much to make me happy: some blue sky and a pleasant breeze, flower buds opening up, one of my cats coming to sit in my lap, the kids being polite, a hug from my husband. I love the small blessings.

Today I'm thrilled that our son filled in his multiplication table CORRECTLY, FROM MEMORY. You don't know HOW HAPPY that makes me! I was starting to wonder if he'd EVER memorize those facts. He's figured out the pattern to count up for each square. He doesn't have them stone-cold (if you just ask him what 7 x 9 is, you may or may not get the right answer), but we're making significant progress. Happy happy joy joy!!

Today was the last day of home school Gym & Swim at the Y. I'll really miss doing that with the kids, and they'll miss that regular activity too. They had such wonderful teachers, and made huge progress in swimming and gym skills. Joining the Y has been the best money we've spent all year.

The home school year is almost done. It's bittersweet, since this has been my last year to do it (barring huge problems for the kids in public school). In a way, the home schooling season won't be truly OVER for me until the first day of public school, when the kids get on the buses for the first time. My life won't change much until that new fall routine begins, since I'll still be 24/7 with the kids through the summer. I think I'll miss co-op the most, since I've made some wonderful friends through that group, and the kids have too. Maybe I'll hang out with them a bit, even after the kids are in school. That would feel weird (to go to co-op without the kids), but those friendships are important to me.

I got to spend some time this afternoon working on my Etsy shop. I rephotographed some paintings, and redid some listings, added some new ACEOs (mini art works, like trading cards for art lovers), and removed some others. Housekeeping, essentially. I also finished a new pair of paintings to send down to The Lemon Tree in Wake Forest, NY. They offered to try to sell some of my small paintings along side my ceramics they already have on display. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

A second photo today: my cat Sophia helping me with my ACEOs.

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