Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My first seedling!

I've finally got my first daylily seedling blooming, one of the transplants from the old house. It's a BIG one, and deep scarlet red with a gold edge, with a nice form, so I'm quite pleased. Unique or not, it appeals to me, so for now I'm calling it a keeper. The cross is 'Mama's Cherry Pie' x 'Graham Memorial,' two southern intros from 1998 and 2002. It's acting like a semi-evergreen variety up here, but doesn't seem to mind the northern winters at all.

We had my husband's cousin and her partner visiting us from Ireland this week. It was good to see Vanessa again, and to meet John. We took them to Fort Stanwix a couple days ago, because we all like museums and historical sites. Fort Stanwix NHS is well worth visiting - I was quite impressed with their visitor's center's interpretive/historical videos. They were GOOD, and presented multiple sides of the conflicts between the various people fighting to control this part of the U.S. in the 1700s. The kids enjoyed the trip a lot too.

Yesterday I took the kids to see 'Toy Story 3' while John and Vanessa were out with my sister-in-law Teresa. We really enjoyed the movie, even if it is a tear-jerker at the end. Even our daughter said it almost made her cry. It's just as good as the first two, and I like how it ended. Yep, we'll definitely be getting it on DVD when it comes out.

I had a long conversation with my good friend Jeanne today. It's good to have a friend who knows you so well that you can be REAL with her, and share joys and burdens without any facade. I hope I can get down to see her soon.

Oh, and the most interesting event today: an earthquake in Upstate NY! We were in the car, and our son asked why the car was shaking. I thought it was just a rough place in the road, but when we got out at our destination, people asked us if we'd felt the quake. I guess we did!

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