Friday, June 25, 2010

Pretty babies

Pretty babies come in all species. Take guinea pigs - their babies are as cute as buttons. I've NEVER seen an ugly baby guinea pig, lol. Today, in an example of God's spectacularly good timing, a friend of ours had two baby guinea pigs born. I'm hoping they're healthy and strong, because she said we could have one for our son, now that Henry is gone. I'm sure Mary will post pictures on FB soon - she's been so excited that her guinea pig (adopted while pregnant) would have babies. I'm hoping one or both of them are boys, although getting a girl would simply mean we couldn't put our son's guinea pig with his sister's boy guinea pig, at all, ever.

I also have another plant baby - another daylily seedling. Well, actually two bloomed today, and one yesterday. One is pretty, the other two are not (to my eyes). And that's what's funny: I posted what I thought was a homely flower yesterday, and most of my daylily-loving friends LIKED it. I keep saying that my camera doesn't do a good job of capturing red-toned flowers (it often skews them toward the blue side of the spectrum), so the muddy, rusty, washed out bloom I saw in my garden looked a lot more fresh and pretty as a photo, in spite of my best attempt to finesse the image to show its true colors. And today another one bloomed and totally underwhelmed me. I'm sure it's also beautiful to someone else, just not to me. But, it has the most WONDERFUL fragrance! It's a good reminder to me that appearances aren't everything. It reminds me that being a "sweet fragrance" to someone, or to the Lord, is more important than just looking good.

Can you guess which flower I like the best, from these photos? Which do you like?

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