Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sad day

Today was a very sad day: we had to have our son's beloved pet guinea pig, Henry, put to sleep. He developed a severe respiratory infection, and he was already a little old pig. It was very sudden, and very shocking for all of us. We'll really miss him. He was a great pet, and we all loved him. We buried him in the back yard, and I printed out a picture of him and framed it for our son to keep.

Today we also took our son for a new evaluation of his Asperger's Syndrome, from a clinical psychologist in Syracuse who specializes in autism spectrum disorders. He was recommended by the school, and he knows the psychologist at the school from conversations with her about other students. Hopefully he can help us with reintegrating our son back into public school, after so many years of home school. (Fortunately this appointment happened BEFORE we had to take Henry to the vet. . . .)

It seems like so much has been happening the past couple weeks: emotional upheavals of all kinds, house guests, field trips, sick pets, new flowers blooming, new art work completed, normal house-related upkeep. Circus life, under the big top world, as the song goes - I feel like our life has been a three-ring circus, or occasionally a strange side-show.

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