Friday, July 30, 2010

Live and learn (to photograph well)

I have a LOT to learn about photographing my art, I have decided. It's not just point and click. I need to make a light box, to get even lighting for my work. I've tried a number of approaches: different times of day, direct/indirect lighting, indoors and outdoors, natural and artificial light. Some things photograph easily (paintings on walls). Some are a pain in the behind (anything shiny, especially frames/glass). Live and learn, so I'm trying to learn as I go.

I did finish some drawings over the past couple weeks. I need to get to work on some new paintings. I'd like to have one done by next weekend so I can give it to my sister-in-law for her birthday. I started two, and one will work out okay. The other is a total dud. Do over!

So I'll keep practicing. I find that harder to do over the summer, for some reason - I guess I have too much going on. It's much easier to focus in the winter: the kids go to bed earlier, the evenings are long and dark, we don't go out as much, and I can put in a video or some music and work for several hours in the evening. Today is just too beautiful to stay inside. So, I don't think I will - bye!

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