Saturday, July 24, 2010

Me, a Soccer Mom??

Well, it's happened at last - I'm officially a Soccer Mom. I registered our daughter for AYSO soccer this morning. She's excited, and I think she'll have lots of fun doing it. Somehow I never imagined myself being a sports parent of any kind, let alone the totally cliched "soccer mom." I guess I don't really fit the stereotype - I don't drive a minivan - but still, this feels a bit weird. Our son has never been interested in joining a sports team, although he's decided to take basketball during Summer Enrichment at the school this year - lots of his friends play. I was never a sports-oriented kid, never played on any organized team, never LIKED anything related to gym class at all. In fact, if I'd known Calvin and Hobbes' classic definition of gym class when I was a kid ("State sponsored exercises in organized terrorism"), I would have agreed wholeheartedly. I HATED gym class. It was awful. I'm glad our daughter doesn't have my hangups in that regard, and I hope she enjoys the fun, the exercise, the team spirit, and the pleasure of winning every so often. Also, we met one of the third grade teachers at the AYSO sign-up - maybe our daughter will be in her class!

I had a lot of fun having friends and neighbors over last night for a Pampered Chef party. I used to do them once a year, but haven't for a couple years or more. I just wanted an excuse to have a bunch of people over this summer, and I know quite a few people here who like the PC products - I've been invited to a couple PC shows since we moved here, so I didn't feel like I was imposing on people by inviting them in return. It was fun to have friends and neighbors over for the evening, and the party went very well. Now that it's done, the best part is that I have a clean house to enjoy for the weekend.

It's so humid outside you can practically swim through the air. It's going to be almost 90, and I don't even want to know what the heat index will be by this afternoon. Our son is supposed to march with the Boy Scouts in our town's Bicentennial Parade at 2PM. If I bring my umbrella, I can't decide if I'm tempting fate (guaranteeing rain) or jinxing the weather (guaranteeing it won't rain). Either way, it's NOT good parade weather - especially with a chance of thunderstorms in the mix. Oh well, I hope our son enjoys being with his troop. He was a real stinker this AM before I took him to volunteer with his troop for the Fire Department's pancake breakfast. I love my son, but I'm really glad he's out of the house for most of the day today. This preteen moody crap is really getting on my nerves.

It's been fun to get to know our new guinea pig babies. They are just too cute, and very soft. They're very affectionate and relaxed for guinea pigs. Cocopuff is asserting herself as "top pig" now that it's just her and her sister Flash in the container. I'll get them a large cage later this year, when they're bigger; for now they're in a huge plastic tote. Our daughter's pig Cookie is quite excited to have the girls in the house, and I've finally convinced the kids to keep the GPs downstairs, instead of in their bedrooms.

I can't seem to focus today - dunno why, I'm just all over the place. I have to keep reminding myself of what I have to do each day lately: today I need to bake cookies (or make SOMETHING) to take to the church fellowship hour tomorrow, which I'm helping with. I also need to cut out leaves for the VBS decorations at church. HUNDREDS of leaves. (They're doing a rain forest program.) I think I'll save that for tonight, when I can make an iced coffee, put in a video or watch YouTube, and relax.

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