Thursday, July 22, 2010

New look, new friends

No, it's not me getting the new look (although I'm open to the idea), and the new friends aren't human. I managed to totally clean out and rearrange two rooms yesterday (that's the new look), and I'm sitting here waiting for a friend to bring over our two new baby guinea pigs (the new friends). I think I'm just as excited as the kids are about the new pets.

The day after our son's guinea pig died, a friend of ours had two new babies born. She offered one to our son, who was thrilled. Both babies turned out to be girls, and our friend really wants to adopt another male to live with the male guinea pig they already have, so she offered me both girls. So, today we're getting Flash (our son's baby) and Cocopuff (mine). Our daughter already has a male guinea pig (Cookie), and boy, is HE going to be excited about the new arrivals. Little does he know that he'll NEVER EVER be in the same cage as they are. We do NOT want to breed guinea pigs! Cute as they are as babies, I don't want to have to deal with giving them away (partly because it's not always easy to find new homes for them, and partly because the kids would want to keep them ALL and be heartbroken to see them go).

Totally changing the subject, I've started reading a really good book by Norman Cantor, "The Civilization Of The Middle Ages." So far it's very readable (some history books are as enjoyable as day-old oatmeal). I've always loved studying history (and in fact got my B.A. in History, with a minor in Medieval Studies). If I ever had to return to teaching to support my family, I'd consider a high-school history position, even though my certification is in Special Education. But, I hate the teaching bureaucracy and stupid union games, so I'd have to be desperate to want to go back into that world again. I picked up the book from the Salvation Army. You wouldn't believe how many good books I've gotten from them, for a song.

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