Sunday, July 18, 2010

Old dog, new tricks.

I'm learning new things every day, it seems. This week's adventure: making jewelry. I wanted to see if my abstract designs would sell as pendants, but I decided to sell them as complete necklaces so I could control how they're presented. I think I could learn to love making jewelry, but I've got room for only so many interests at a time.

I made the pendants last month, but I didn't get them back from the studio in Corning until Friday, when I went to visit my parents. I brought the pre-made leather necklaces with me, along with silver-toned slides and nickel jump rings, and I put the pendants on the necklaces during my visit. I'm pleased with how they turned out. I can only hope that others will like my work and be willing to buy it. All six necklaces are "live" in my shop now, during Etsy's "Christmas In July Sale," so I hope they'll get some views and hearts, and SELL.

My husband has been so encouraging of my artistic efforts. He wants to help me turn my art into a true second income. He's the numbers guy in the family, the one who runs the budget and keeps us honest and responsible. I NEED someone like him, especially if I want to truly run my own business. He can be my business manager. (We joke that he'll be behind me while I work, saying, "Paint faster!")

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