Monday, August 16, 2010

Start to finish

Sometimes it feels so GOOD to do a home improvement project from start to finish in one day.  That doesn't happen very often for me, truth be told - life often delays or short-circuits even the best-laid plans of the average DIYer.  But today everything went so much better than I expected that I got the whole dining room/office painted, cleaned, and rearranged in one go.  I'm so please with how it turned out, too.  This wouldn't have been possible without my friend Sharon, who kept our daughter for the day, and lent me her son to occupy my son while I worked.  And I have to thank my husband, who did the dishes for me while I finished up the project.  It was very peaceful to work through the day, with my favorite tunes playing on YouTube, and a couple short Facebook breaks to give my arms a rest.

Remember the vase from yesterday's post?  Here's another photo of it, glazed and ready to be clear-dipped and fired:

And, to round out a very good day indeed, my abstract maple leaf drawing sold today, as well as two books I listed on eBay.  Soon I can start my Christmas shopping, which I always do early and opportunistically.  (Please don't shoot me for mentioning Christmas shopping in August! *ducking*)  I like to be able to find a really perfect gift at a really good price whenever possible, so I plan and shop ahead.  This year I'd love to be able to purchase some gifts from a few of the really great shops I know of on Etsy.  I've got IDEAS, and some lovely things saved to my Favorites list for certain people. 

I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year, because I was so stressed and burnt out last year over home schooling that the Christmas season went by in a haze.  I know it was a good holiday, and I enjoyed the season, but the overlying tension was no fun at all.  Hopefully this year I'll be much more relaxed (and more fun to be around. . . .).

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