Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunshine in the Garden

My friend Blondee was kind enough to pass this sweet Sunshine Award on to me yesterday.
Thank you so much, Blondee!
So, now I will pass the Sunshine Award along to someone else:
I love her blog, and I really love her shop, Shady Side Farm on Etsy.
She's a home-schooling mother of four (two in college now), a farmer's wife, 
a skilled weaver and fiber artist, and a delightful lady.

Please follow the rules listed to accept the award.
Copy the flower to your hard drive to re-award it in your own blog.

Rule 1 - Post a link back to the person who awarded the Sunshine to your blog, giving them thanks.
Rule 2 - Pass the award on to blogs you love. No more than 15 blogs, please!
Rule 3 - Share 7 things about yourself.

Here are my 7 things, randomly chosen from the cluttered storeroom of my psyche:

1.  I like to be barefoot.  I spend as much of the summer that way as possible,
and much of the rest of the year indoors that way as well.

2.  I enjoy weeding.  It's peaceful and almost meditative. 
But, it's still better to do a little bit often than a lot all at once.

3.  My first car was my grandfather's 1969 Chevelle Malibu, a real muscle car. 
I called it Beast.  It was a great guy-magnet, but they were always
disappointed that it had a 307 engine instead of a 350. I still miss that car.

4.  I love to drive in the evening, alone, with the windows down and the music turned up.

5.  I love Ella Fitzgerald's music.  She swings, she soars, she serenades, she scats, she's amazing.

6.  I like spicy food - Mexican, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, American, I'll try anything.
But I like heat with flavor, not heat to be masochistic. 
I have my limits, and I value my taste buds!

7.  I like to paint - rooms, that is.  It's relaxing. 
Sometimes I prefer to use a brush for the whole room,
rather than a roller, because it's easier on my hands.

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