Saturday, September 4, 2010


 The string of hot weather we've had has finally broken.  Coolness at last!  I'm not a hot-weather person at all.  My idea of heaven would involve temps around 65, low humidity, sunshine, and a nice breeze.  I've got lots of windows open (which the cats are loving too), and the house feels much better than it has for a while.
I finished a couple more ornaments yesterday.  The spotted one is glazed with autumn colors, including a speckled beige color that I really like - it should look like a handful of pebbles when its fired.  The other one I did with really bold designs, and I love how it turned out.  It has gold-glazed accent dots.  I hope they fire well.  I don't know when I'll get down to The Clay Ground to get these fired, but I hope I can manage it soon.  Now I'm out of ceramics to work on, which really bums me out - the ceramics are my favorites of my art endeavors.

The guys are off for back-to-school haircuts this morning.  Our son goes back to school Tuesday, and while my husband doesn't necessarily need a haircut to take his grad class via distance learning, he's due for one  anyhow.  They'll both feel and look great when they get back.

It was very nice to have friends over last night.  It was also good to see that other people's teen boys give them hassles too - not that I'm happy to see our friends going through that, but it's reassuring to know that it's normal for boys to push back on their parents as they grow up, and our son is perfectly average in that respect.  Annoying and borderline obnoxious seems to come with the preteen/teen territory.  We'll survive, and if God is merciful, we'll let our son live through his teens too, lol.

I just saw a really neat adaptation of the history of WWII into a Facebook page.  This is from a site called College Humor.  It's funny, it's sad, it's amazingly true, and it's a fantastic idea to reach teens with a relevant way to explain the sequence of events in the relationships between all the countries involved in WWII.  Of course it's grossly simplified - it's not meant to be a comprehensive summary of the war.  I also don't like the swearing and sexual references (it could be just as effective without the F word), but otherwise it's great.  The history lover in me is still excited at another effective way to share WWII with teens.

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