Thursday, October 7, 2010

Treading Water

 One of my early ceramic efforts, a bowl decorated to look like a pond.

In the midst of some family issues, I feel like I'm just treading water, just holding my place until the storm subsides a bit.  This isn't my favorite place to be; in fact, I've been wrestling with the Lord about our family difficulties, awake at all hours and having trouble concentrating.  It's slowly getting better, but I still feel like my internal gyroscope got knocked sideways but good and isn't recovering very quickly.

To cope, I've been trying to stay busy - working on my blog; taking care of my family, house and pets; putting together necklaces with the beads I got back from The Clay Ground this week; listing the necklaces and some ornaments in my Etsy shop.  Today is, thankfully, payday, and on my way to get groceries, I think I'll do a little window shopping as well.

I've started squirreling things away for Christmas for the kids.  I'm not a last-minute shopper.  I love the holidays, and really enjoy planning and choosing just the right gift for each person on my list.  Sometimes I hit a home run; usually I've made a good guess.  It's like a sport, but for a good cause.  I found a hot pink Zhu Zhu pet for our daughter, and a couple Breyer horses for her as well.  I'm not sure what to do for our son - he wants a Nintendo DS, so I'll have to watch the budget and see if that works out.  At least I have his birthday stuff done.  I'm not sure what to do for my husband, but I've got a few good ideas.  I always buy books for the kids for Christmas (they both love to read), and our daughter has yet to get a Webkinz she didn't love, so I'll probably find one to put in her stocking.  I always buy melty mints for the kids' stockings, and dark chocolate espresso beans  and a Terry's dark chocolate orange for my husband.  I always stick a treat in my own stocking, lol - usually dark chocolate of some sort.  After surviving through Christmas morning, Mrs. Santa deserves some chocolate, don't you think?

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