Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cats are funny people

 I can tell winter is coming by watching my cats.  For instance, Molly, the tuxedo cat, does not like to be hot, so during the summer she stays mostly downstairs or in shady corners:  under my husband's side of the bed, in the basement, or in the corner of the dining room on the craft box.  When the weather cools, she moves to her winter haunts:  the pillow we keep on top of my husband's Hammond organ for her, and the afghan at the foot of our bed.  B.C. (Bad Cat) loves to be warm year-round, and even in the summer you can find him soaking up the rays with his midnight coat in a sunbeam, but he spends even more time curled up in snuggly spots and sunbeams in the cooler months.  My unfinished quilt laying on the bedroom chair is his current favorite spot; he's made a perfect nest in its folds.  He also loves the pillow on the end of the family room couch, which catches the morning sun.  He's really spry for his 15 1/2 years, but sleeping somewhere warm is still his favorite pastime.

Sophia is the little old lady of the family, 14 just this past month.  She's always loved laps and boxes to curl up in.  She's getting frail now, and having some troubles with her digestion.  She's my cool-weather scarf.  Literally.  Most times I sit down at the computer lately, she climbs up on my shoulders and drapes herself across, and rests or sleeps.  It's mutually beneficial; we keep each other warm.  She's a medium-long haired Maine Coon wannabe, but over the past year she's lost weight, and there's not much cat left under all that fluff.  She even graced my husband with her scarf-ness last week, which is extremely unusual - she rarely climbs up on him.  Her other favorite place to sleep is in the basket of clean laundry before it gets taken back upstairs.  She also keeps trying to get into the dryer, to snuggle on the clothes.  I'm vigilant about keeping that door shut, but one day last week she snuck in while I answered the phone.

The main down side to the cat-scarf scenario is that I'm always needing to put her down.  If I sat still for 8 hours a day, she'd sleep on my shoulders 8 hours a day.  I often don't bother to remove her if I have to get up for small tasks like answering the phone, or getting a cup of decaf.  I just walk around with her, and she goes along for the ride.

Do you have cats or other pets with special winter habits?  It seems like every furry creature is starting to cocoon and snuggle and curl up lately.  I can't blame them; I've got the same urge.

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