Friday, November 19, 2010

The holidays, and the media

My favorite time of year is here - the interval from a little before Thanksgiving, through New Year's Day.  I don't find the holidays stressful usually, and I do my best to enjoy them one day at a time.  They come and go so fast, I like to savor the little moments.  The smell of baking cranberry bread.  The fun of choosing just the right gift for someone.  Bagging biscotti to give to friends and neighbors and family, seeing the unexpected snow flurry, hearing the nostalgic holiday tunes on the radio, decorating the house outside and in - I like the memories those activities bring.  Kept in perspective, the holiday season is a time to reflect, give thanks, and give back.

I can happily live without the warped messages of discontent and greed being blared in my direction by commercial TV, so I watch very little of it at any time, but during the holidays I find commercial TV to be particularly annoying.  Not that I don't see enough peripheral garbage while using the computer, but at least then I can generally avoid the pop-ups, mute the sound, and ignore a large percentage of the stuff I find depressing or obnoxious about the media.  I'm much more likely to watch PBS than any cable station, and I particularly like Christmas music programs.  (Christmas from St. Olaf  is always wonderful.)  During the holidays I don't want to have a race to the big day, ending in an orgy of unwrapping and parties and sports and food.  I want to slow down, enjoy the beauty and joy of the season, think about the message of Christmas, and be a blessing to my family and friends.  I guess I'm a rebel against the things our hyper media says we should pursue.

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