Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sales - really??

 'Lights' - sold November 2010

Wow, I just got a call from Hartsville Hollow, the gift shop I've started working with in Fayetteville, NY.  They've sold several of my pieces, including a painting!  They would like me to bring some more items over to them tomorrow, and I'm so excited.  I was feeling rather down that my work wasn't moving, so this is quite the pick-me-up.  I'll take a few more drawings and paintings over there (and ceramic ornaments - several of those sold too) and see what happens.

Hartsville Hollow Gifts, 8578 Genesee Turnpike, Fayetteville, NY 

I love the building Hartsville Hollow is in - it's an old stone school house, from the 1820s.  The walls are very thick, and the bell is still ready to call people in.  It's a lovely shop, featuring handmade art and crafts from people all over Central New York.

Nothing like selling some work to kick start one into wanting to create more!  I'd better get moving.  Hartsville Hollow is closed in Jan.-Feb., but they'll be kicking off a new year in March with a Celtic/Irish emphasis, leading into Easter-themed art in April.

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