Monday, April 19, 2010

The Waters Never Part Until. . . .

"The waters never part until your feet get wet."

I suppose that's true of any new endeavor, so I'm going to step out in the hope that blogging will offer me a new creative outlet, and a way to share things that catch my eye and my heart.

My name is Laurel Rudd. I hesitate to share too much personal information on a blog, so I will keep my family and daily activities largely to myself. But I do want to share that I am a Christian wife, mother, gardener and artist. I have my educational background in Special Education and History, but I have always enjoyed being creative with my hands. Gardening has been my passion for a dozen years and more now, and a couple years ago I began to take my artistic impulses seriously as well. I like to draw finely detailed abstract drawings using Sakura Micron markers. (I've been drawing similar things since college - you should see my college notebooks, which are covered with stream-of-consciousness drawings. Oddly enough, the marginal drawing was not a hindrance to my college studies.) More recently, I have been learning how to paint with acrylics, and have experimented with combining my drawing and painting in some mixed media works. I also like to put my designs on ceramics. Getting to that point involves a short story/explanation, since people often look at my ceramic work and say, "HOW do you DO that?"

A few years ago, I decided to try a paint your own pottery store in Vestal, NY (The Clay Ground, Using a fine-tipped glaze applicator, I tried to create something like my abstract drawings, only on a plate. The shop attendant that day thought I was a little off-kilter, sitting for a couple hours with a glaze bottle, poring over that plate, but she humored me. Wonder of wonders, it worked, the plate turned out well, and I was hooked. The owner of The Clay Ground liked what I had done, and she encouraged me to try creating different items. After a few months she even commissioned a large vase from me to be auctioned for charity at a convention she was attending. I spent the 2008 Summer Olympics working on that vase, and I was delighted that it brought a very good donation at the charity auction. Soon after that, the owner of The Clay Ground told me about Etsy (, where I could try to sell my work. So, after doing some research and creating a small selection of pieces to sell, I took the plunge, and created my first "store." I have sold a number of my ceramics through my shop, Ellemar Designs (, and I hope to eventually have a true second family income through my art. At the moment, it's more of a hobby, a career in a chrysalis.