Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Color, color everywhere.

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! I know it's pushing the season a little here in CNY, but I just had to go out and plant some stuff.

I planted canna 'Wyoming' in the front yard island bed, to make a bold statement. It will take the place I had originally intended for a shrub, but I loved the cannas from my other garden, and wanted to use them again. I planted 7 in a cluster. Hopefully the strong bronzy foliage and striking orange flowers will live up to my imagination.

I planted LOTS of nasturtiums along the top of the retaining wall, almost 200 seeds, and I think I need more. I used two varieties: 'Alaska' (a variegated dwarf) where the wall is lower, and 'Variegated Queen' (a trailing, variegated variety) where the wall is taller, so it can cascade over the edge. I decided to put my hot colors in the front yard this time, and the cool colors in the back yard. I plan to be the neighborhood "crazy plant lady," so I might as well do it in style, lol.

I also planted green beans (Burpee 'Tenderpod') in the back yard, to go with the sugar snap peas already sprouting. I'm still waiting to see what critters will find my veggies appetizing. No woodchucks in evidence, but we may have rabbits (unless our neighbor's cat has taken care of them; she's a fierce hunter).