Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Elegant Rose Boutique on Etsy

Once in a while, I'll feature a shop on Etsy here on my blog. I know SO many talented artisans, it would be a shame to not give them some encouragement and publicity. I may have a very small audience, but hey, it's an audience! Here is the first shop I'd like to share with you: Elegant Rose Boutique.

If you like exquisitely scented hand made soaps, body butters, lip balms, or other goodies to pamper yourself or someone you love, then Elegant Rose Boutique would be the perfect place for you to visit online. They (actually SHE - one lady of many talents) offer a huge variety of scents and products, and BOY are they good! Take a look, you'll see what I mean. I've used her soaps, and they are wonderfully scented with essential oils and natural ingredients. She did a custom order for me (essential oil sampler soaps for shower favors), and she was a real pleasure to work with. Stop by her shop and browse; better yet, give her items a try.

Mental meanderings

I hope I'm as sharp, interesting and fun at 90 as my husband's Aunt Maudie is. She's a gem, and we had a great visit with her, her son, and my husband's parents and sister last night.

I'm grateful for my husband, who's intelligent and caring, hard-working and kind. We've had our troubles, but we're still here. God is gracious!

The local birds have discovered our feeder this year. Last year I saw few birds, and really missed their cheerful antics. It took them a while to realize the new people in the (formerly vacant for a looong time) house would keep the feeder filled. Now we've got a regular bevy of visitors.

I planted seed cups with the kids from our home school co-op yesterday. We had a lot of fun with our botany lesson. Hopefully their seeds will sprout abundantly. They had a choice of planting 'Big Max' pumpkins, 'Mammoth' sunflowers, a sunflower mix, 'Tenderpod' green beans, 'Carpet of Snow' alyssum, and 'Jewel Mix' nasturtiums. Some kids planted some of each; others were more choosy. Kids + seeds + dirt = FUN.

I didn't finish the small cottage painting yet - it's just not coming together like I'd hoped. I'll try again soon; I've got a lot to learn about painting yet!

I am so grateful to be able to stay in touch with friends and family on FB. It was a lifesaver during our move, and is my contact with the "adult world" on those days when home schooling feels like being stuck in the asylum with the patients.