Friday, April 30, 2010

Bluestone Perennials

Every winter for the past 4-5 years, I've treated myself to an order from Bluestone Perennials. You see, their winter catalog includes coupons and early order discounts. So, I use the coupons, order early, and save $$, but the plants don't arrive until the last week of April. Yesterday, THEY ARRIVED! (Bluestone must be reading my blog, do you think?)

I spent a pleasant part of the evening deciding where to plant the new arrivals, then putting them in and watering them. This year's goodie box included: 3 Hosta 'Piedmont Gold' (bright chartreuse, really eyecatching), 3 Aster 'Bluebird' (my favorite aster), 3 Penstemon 'Iron Maiden' (awful name, but it should be gorgeous and attract hummingbirds), 3 yellow columbine, 1 'Little Honey' oak leaf hydrangea, and 1 Clethra 'Vanilla Spice' shrub.

I've included a picture of the 'Bluebird' asters - again a pic from my old garden. Some plants are just so good you want to make sure you don't do without them when you move. Aster 'Bluebird' is tall (up to 4'), and makes a striking display of light blue-lavender flowers with bright yellow centers. It's pretty resistant to mildew, and clumps up well. It makes a tough, woody root mass, so put it where you really want it so you don't have to move it later. They are super hardy, and even tolerate road salt and having snow piled on them by a plow. I found that I did have to tie it up late in the season, or it would lean, but overall it's a lovely garden plant.