Sunday, May 9, 2010


It SNOWED today! On Mother's Day! Mother Nature has NO sense of humor - or does she? We got about an inch of soggy whiteness overnight, and it flurried for most of the morning. LOL, I guess I won't be buying plants today.

Yesterday I spent the whole day out with a friend. We went to a number of book stores and thrift shops, and it was very peaceful to do it without any of our kids in tow. My friend has 11 kids, which dwarfs my 2, but we were equally glad to get out and browse without interruptions. Ah, the freedom to take our time, chat, dither, compare, share, joke, and have an uninterrupted lunch! It was wonderful. And yes, I bought a LOT of books, mostly for the kids. But I did get a couple gardening books for myself. Many thanks to our husbands, who set us free for a WHOLE DAY. And guess what - we want to do it again. After our husbands recover, of course.