Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This week has been like pushing a rock up a hill - long, tough, and hard work. But, oddly enough, it's getting a little easier as it goes. I'm grateful; Monday I wanted to stay in bed all day.

I'm trying to get back into creating and listing my work in my Etsy shop. I was in the doldrums for a while, after a creative burst in February. I don't have any big projects on tap, but I'm working on a few small ones. Maybe the small ones will snowball into something more soon. Tonight I photographed two paintings I've had finished for a while, and got them listed in my shop. I also rephotographed several other pieces, since good photography is necessary to attract people to my work. I'm still learning how to take good photographs.

I've felt a bit under the weather this week. Hopefully that will pass soon. I'd like to enjoy the rest of the week, since there are some fun things coming up to look forward too, including a trip to visit my parents (and their two new kittens), and a date with my husband while his sister takes the kids for the afternoon.

The painting above I completed over the winter, and I just found a good frame for it. I'm picky about frames. This one isn't expensive, but it's just right for this piece. It's called "Lights," and the story behind it is in my Etsy shop.