Saturday, May 15, 2010

The profits of my labor - at last!

Yesterday I sold my second painting EVER! It was the large one I painted on commission for my brother-in-law. I actually did two trout-stream scenes (he's an avid outdoorsman, and requested the theme), and he chose the one he liked best for his office. I'll put the other in my shop, and see what happens. I can use the money from this painting to reinvest in doing some more ceramics.

Well, I'll use a chunk of it for art stuff, but not all. I want to go to my favorite nursery, Nanticoke Gardens in Endicott, NY, in a couple weeks. They have a huge selection of everything annual/perennial, and there are some favorites I buy every year. One is a fuchsia with bronzy foliage and tubular red-orange flowers, called 'Gartenmeister Bonstedt.' Another is white heliotrope, which is heavily vanilla scented. They also sell my favorite tomato plants - 'Husky Gold,' a potato-leaved indeterminate yellow beefsteak tomato that is divine on sandwiches, and makes a great fresh salsa. I hope they still have them when I go! Of course, a few other goodies always find their way home with me from there as well. One year it was a couple rarer daylilies from a local source - dark lavender-rose 'Papal Court' by the hybridizer Munson, and soft warm pink 'Chenango Rose,' bred locally many years ago. You just never know what goodies you'll find there.