Monday, May 31, 2010

Old piece, new exposure, what a surprise!

It was a very good, very busy weekend for us. I managed to finish 5 of the 6 ceramic pieces I wanted to work on before we drove down to Vestal to visit The Clay Ground. While dropping off the pieces, our friend Alaina (who's worked at TCG for quite a while) showed us what the new store brochures will look like. They're published by the Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association (CCSA) for their member shops (DIY/paint-it-yourself pottery studios), and were just previewed in the organization's quarterly magazine. One of my vases is in the new brochure!! Holy cow!! Big excitement all around. You see, almost two years ago, right after I started creating my designs on ceramics at The Clay Ground, the shop owner, Laurie, asked me to do a large baluster vase for her to take to the CCSA national convention that year, to be part of their annual charity auction to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The last time I saw the vase, it hadn't been fired yet, lol. Still, it fired well, and at the auction brought $600 for the benefit, and I was thrilled. So what is in the 2010 brochure, among an assortment of other pieces? THAT VASE!

I don't even have a picture of that piece for myself. When I get one of the new brochures, I'll get a picture of it up here. Who would have guessed it would turn up after all this time?