Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where's the floor? And where's my INCH?

Today we're cleaning - my wonderful husband is cleaning bathrooms, while I help the kids find their floors and clean their bedrooms. Our daughter's room is done; it wasn't too bad, all things considered, and she was helpful. Our son's room looks like all the closets and drawers barfed onto the floor. I convinced him to let me put some of his older stuff down in the basement (he hates letting things go from "his space," and the things we cleaned out have to go into "his area" around his model trains). That will give me some room to help him redistribute where his books and toys are. Maybe we'll even find the floor by the end of the afternoon.

We need to get him a new bed. He's a big, tall kid, and his old mattress is seriously in need of replacement. Every time he moves in the night, it creaks, and squeaks, twangs and pings, groans and pops. We'll replace his double (which was our guest bed before he came along) with an extra-long twin. We'll raise that on blocks and put rolling totes underneath for storage. He's going to be somewhere well north of 6' eventually, so there's no point in getting him a regular twin mattress. Good grief, the kid's 5' 8" at 11 1/2 years old! When did I get so SHORT??

(Speaking of getting short, I WANT MY INCH BACK! Once upon a time I was taller, really, I swear. This losing height with age thing stinks!)

This weekend I'm cleaning out my home schooling books, and marking the end of an era. There are some things we just won't need to use any more, so why keep them? I've sent a list 'round to my friends in the co-op, giving them first dibs before I sell any stuff on eBay. I'm going to use the money I raise to finish planting the large raised bed at the front of the house. It's got a huge bald spot in the middle, just an expanse of mulch, and I'd love to fill it in with mixed perennials and daylilies, plus some low/groundcover evergreens on one side.

My 'Peace' roses bloomed today! I planted that bush just this spring, a bargain from Aldi's of all places. It was a huge, robust plant, and it seems to like where I've put it. I'm glad to see it thriving, and the blooms are like an old friend - my mother grew them when I was a kid.

A few of my much-abused peonies bloomed this year. So far I can identify 'Amalia Olson' for sure, and another which I think is 'Plainsman.' A light pink single might be 'Mischief,' but it's an anemic bloom, and could be 'Bo Peep' sulking instead. I hope they all bloom next year, so I can identify them. I'm just happy they all survived the move.