Sunday, June 13, 2010

Small town America

We had a pleasant afternoon, going to a parade in Canastota, NY. It's the International Boxing Hall of Fame's yearly induction weekend and parade. It makes no sense at all to me that the International Boxing Hall of Fame is in the middle of Central NY. (Some locals hint at mob connections - mafia rumors are rife around here - but my husband told me a couple local people became boxing pros and collected memorabilia and all sorts of boxing-related items, and decided to lobby for the Hall to be here with their collection as a centerpiece.) But it was a fun afternoon nonetheless: marching bands, fire trucks, homemade floats, Shriners clowns, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, local celebrities and politicians, boxing greats and inductees, classic cars, and bagpipe corps were fun to see and hear, and our daughter was delighted to collect candy and goodies thrown by the various groups. Our son marched with the Boy Scouts, and lived to tell about it (he was nervous about participating, but he did very well). The weather cooperated too: overcast and moderate temps, but no rain.

I like living in small town America. For the most part, it's friendly and unpretentious. There's space to walk, space to drive, space to think and play and create. I guess everyone has their own idea of "personal space." I'd be desperately unhappy in a large metro area, and I was hoping and praying we wouldn't live in one when we had to move after a layoff last year.

I'm working on some more small paintings. The creative juices are slowly starting to flow again. I think I'll work on some more tonight, since I already did the groceries and don't have too much house cleaning looming over my shoulder right now.
We'll see how much art time I can make for myself after dinner.

Speaking of dinner, I'd better get to it. The troops will be hungry after such a busy afternoon. Nothing fancy on the menu, just tuna melts for the grownups, and Kraft mac for the kids. That even sounds like a small-town meal, now that I think of it, lol. Oh well, here's to the simple things.