Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a great day!

Today was a real winner, in every good sense of the word.

It started with Father's Day gifts for my husband: the kids made him a plaque and a bowl from air-dry clay, and filled the bowl with M&Ms. They also gave him a box of dark chocolate turtles, a Frisbee (so he could play with them outside), and a golf umbrella (which he'd asked for a while ago, because little umbrellas are just useless on a windy rainy day in Upstate NY). They also picked out a couple funny cards for him - one with a prerecorded funny message, one with Garfield.

After that we went to church, because my husband was playing keyboards and organ during the service. It was very nice, and afterward he headed home for a simple lunch. A round of concentrated housecleaning followed, getting ready for my husband's cousin and her husband to arrive. They're visiting from Ireland, and were coming up from my husband's parents today, and they'll be staying for a few nights. During this our daughter went to a friend's house to play and swim, and I baked another batch of "friendship bread."

Vanessa and John arrived, and we spent some time catching up. Our daughter came back from one friend's house, and promptly was invited out to another neighbor's to swim, so she did that before dinner. I made homemade meatballs and sauce, spaghetti, and salad. The grownups enjoyed all of it; the kids ate noodles and butter. Someday they'll appreciate good home-cooked food! Our son hinted that he might be up for trying the meatballs soon, but he wasn't ready tonight. Darn his tastebuds, they're so picky.

Dinner was delicious, with some wine Vanessa brought. Then they treated us to ice cream at Zem's, a local favorite. After that we drove up to Verona Beach State Park to watch the sunset. By then the temps had dropped a bit, and there was a stiff breeze coming off Oneida Lake. It was gorgeous, a totally perfect evening. The kids and I went wading while the little waves rolled in, the sky turned colors, and Sean and John and Vanessa talked.

Home finally, the kids shooed up to bed, and I could call my own Dad to wish him Happy Father's Day. He and I both love reading about history, and tonight he told me that he'd just finished a book about the history of the Mohawk Valley, and that where we'd just been wading was also the spot where a party of British soldiers had beached their boats on their way to raid Native American villages, and from which they had to beat a hasty retreat after their exploits. Now I've got to read that book; Dad had already set it aside for me to borrow. I love my Dad.

What a great day!