Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, Monday

"Can't trust that day. . . ." Seems to be that kind of Monday, you know?

Ups and downs, and I rode the wave pretty well for a while (last week was really rough), but this weekend I came down. I know it's temporary, so I'll ride through this trough and hope for the crest of the waves again soon.

I turned in the kids' end of year reports for home schooling. I am DONE. I am SO done. But I'm still not feeling any closure, since the kids won't make their transition until September. I'm really waiting for that, so I can move on. Once they're settled in their new routine, I think I'll finally relax. Until then, not much is changing for me.

We went to the graduation party for our friends' eldest son over the weekend. It was so wonderful to see them and to get to hang out with other friends from our old home. I've missed them, a lot. I wish their son all the best. He's a nice young man, quite smart, a creative/dreamer kind of guy. I hope he appreciates his parents! I know he's at the age where his parents really don't know anything (and I'm getting dumber by the day in my own kids' eyes, lol, it'll be a long while before I look smart to them), but I hope he comes to that realization (that his parents are totally AWESOME!) without making too many young-adult blunders. Seeing this young man, I tried to imagine our own son setting out on his own. I just can't do it yet. I'm glad he has a number of years before he graduates.