Friday, July 2, 2010

Daylily 'Dominic'

Daylily 'Dominic' is a very velvety dark maroon - gorgeous in low evening light.

The kids are really flaky today - must be the end of a long week, and right before a much-anticipated weekend trip. I've spent today chasing laundry, getting the pets ready to be on their own for several days, making sure I got a couple packages out in the mail, picking up a prescription, and generally tying up loose ends. The hardest part: getting the kids to go to bed EARLY, because we have to get up very early to leave. Our son in particular is NOT amused at this turn of events, even though we told him days ago that this would be happening. He also was quite annoyed that I packed his duffle for him. If I let him do it by himself, he'd wind up with one pair of socks, five shirts, two pair of shorts, and no underwear for a long weekend trip. I intervened, and showed him what I packed and told him to switch out anything he couldn't deal with. He told me he was going to nail his door shut so people would leave him alone. My husband said (quietly), "I'd be glad to." Ah, parenthood!