Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Ramblings

We went to Darien Lake on Saturday, and the kids really enjoyed the water park. They also rode their favorite rides (i.e. bumper cars, scrambler, and swings). Neither of them were interested in the roller coasters, so my husband rode it with his sister, who went with us for the day (and helped us get seriously discounted tickets). I'm not into hyper-scary coasters. Basic double-loop ones, okay. Old-fashioned wooden ones, fine. Feet-dangling, hair-raising, sky-high nausea-fests? Not so much. I actually only rode one ride all day - the Ranger. The kids thought I was nuts, but I've always liked that one.

Our 11-year-old son is now watching "The Dukes Of Hazzard," from a boxed set we got from a game/dvd trade-in place. He asked for it for his end of school year prize. (We never did report cards, but the kids both worked for a special prize to end this school year.) The attraction of this piece of my childhood for my son? Car crashes, car chases, silly jokes and cartoonish plots. Oh, well, it could be much worse, I suppose. It's just strange to hear those familiar voices and sound bites coming from the other room, and I'm almost 42, not 14.

(You know you're getting old when your son gets a "Back To The Future" VHS tape and says to you, "Wow, they don't get much older than this!" He also loves 80s music, and was thrilled with the Huey Lewis and the News CD I gave him for our 4th of July trip. My high school years are coming back to haunt me.)

I'm on a campaign to wear the kids out every day this summer. What else are summers for? Today I took them and my daughter's friend to the local pool, and they swam for 2 1/2 hours. I sat and started on a new drawing, which I actually finished in the time I was there. It was very peaceful, except for some toilet-mouthed teens (who another parent or lifeguard reprimanded at some point, since I overheard them indignantly talking about it). You'd think watching their language around little kids would be automatic, but obviously some teens don't care. Sad.

One of the ceramic items I have at The Lemon Tree in Wake Forest, NC, sold last month. It's a small thing, but makes me hopeful that more of my items will sell there. I've got more things to send down there this weekend. I think I'll go visit my parents on Friday. Not only do I just want to see them, but they also have the finished ceramics from Earth, Paint & Fire in Corning that I dropped off last month. I'm trying my hand at making ceramic pendants in my unique designs, to see if selling them will be worthwhile. Time will tell.

I've had some beautiful daylily seedlings bloom this week. I've got a couple more "keepers," and a bunch to compost or give away. A couple are homely or wimpy, a bunch are pretty but not special, and a handful are quite nice (to my eyes, at least). I think I'll go out and do some more yard work soon, since it should be a beautiful evening.