Sunday, August 1, 2010

Home Work, Family Fun, VBS, and Pine-Sol

Sometimes a stay-at-home weekend is the perfect thing in the summer. Going places is fun, but after a while I realize that I need to be in my own space, taking care of my own stuff. This weekend my husband and I did a LOT of home-body stuff, like cleaning upholstery in the family room, cutting wood for shelves my husband is making for his sister, mopping floors and cleaning area rugs, baking friendship bread and making homemade chili, changing beds, and helping our daughter find her bedroom floor again.

This weekend has been a big one for our church. Last summer we were too new to the church to want to participate in the activities, but this year we got involved and had a great time. The weekend before our church's vacation Bible school coincides with the town Family Fun Day, which ends with fireworks. Our church sets up all sorts of free things for families to do: pony rides, a bounce house and an inflatable obstacle course, tests of muscle (hitting a lever to shoot up a weight and ring a bell - I know there's a REAL name for that classic fair game, but I can't think of it right now), free popcorn, free ice cream, and FACE PAINTING.

I helped with face painting, which I've never done before. I was asked just last week to help out with it, because they needed a couple more people to do it. I had so much fun! Maybe a little too much fun, lol, since I've been asked to head up the face painting team for next year. I said yes - this was EASY to do, and a blast at the same time. I painted several pirates, lots of butterflies, a unicorn, a few cats, a big hairy tarantula (on my son, at his request), hearts, flowers, and other fancy designs on kids of all ages. The evening ended with a great fireworks display, set off from the baseball field next to the church, so we didn't have to go anywhere else to enjoy it. I brought drinks and glo-sticks for the kids (although my husband had as much fun with them as the kids did - I'll get him his own next time). We sat on my old Mexican blanket on a perfectly cool and lovely evening, and enjoyed being together in our new home. Wonderful!

Today we helped set up for VBS, a huge community outreach project our church does every year, hosting 250+ kids from K-6th grade. My daughter and I helped with some of the background preparations for this year's theme, the rain forest, earlier this week, and today we helped mark out boundaries with caution tape outside (so the kids would know where it was safe to go around the tents). Our church building isn't large, so much of the VBS takes place outside in tent "classrooms." We're hoping for good weather in the mornings in spite of the forecast for scattered thunderstorms. VBS goes all week, and both of our kids are participating. I'm looking forward to a whole week of mornings to myself. . . .

Finally, Pine-Sol?? Well, that's related to our son, and he'd be rather annoyed to find I've shared this, but the likelihood of him reading my blog is ZERO, so you can enjoy this parenthood story. Our son was a real stinker this AM, oppositional and nasty. Before church he was grounded from all of his videos, TV, and computer for three days, and earned an afternoon of extra chores. His chores were to wash the car, the garbage cans, the recycling bins, and the deck chairs. I gave him the hose, the bucket, a scrub brush, a towel, and the bottle of lavender-scented Pine-Sol, which was 2/3 full. I put some of the cleaner in each of the garbage cans and into the bucket, and told him to fill the bucket and get scrubbing. Then I went back inside. I checked on him once during the process, and he was doing the garbage cans, so I went back in. After he said he was done, I went back outside. The Pine-Sol bottle was EMPTY. The top of the driveway and the front of the house smell like a whole FIELD of lavender. The car smells like lavender. The garbage cans smell like lavender. The chairs, the recycling bins, and my son all smell like lavender. I can still smell it on him when he walks by. THAT will teach me to leave him with a full bottle of soap without clear directions on how much to use! The moral of the story: never assume the average 11 year old knows how much household cleaner to use in a given situation. His life lesson for the day: MORE is not always BETTER.

(But he still smells good!)