Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Work In Progress

I'm finally getting back to working on some ceramics. Hopefully I'll get them dropped off at the studio this weekend, and picked back up a week or two after that.

These ornaments are one of my favorite things to work on. They're small, comfortable to hold, and reasonably quick to complete. They also sold very well last fall (by my standards - it's not like I had a hundred of them last year, but of the ones I had, I sold about half). I'd like to add a half dozen to my shop each month now through November.  The picture below is a finished ornament from last year.

I've also got another serving plate to work on, which I'll be doing with a totally abstract central design - like my drawings, only on a plate. I haven't done that since my original "let's see if this will work" plate, but I've been wanting to do another. I have no idea if it will be a seller, but we'll see. I think most art is just waiting for the right buyer to come along, and that may happen quickly, or years later. I'm hoping to have good sales leading up to the holidays this year, to help pay for some Christmas stuff, and maybe for a ceramics class.

This is my original plate. I sat for two hours in the ceramic studio working on it. I think the young woman working that day thought I was a little OCD, but I really enjoyed myself, and the people working at the shop liked it as well when it was done. My daughter and I think it reminds us of deep sea creatures, or microscopic life.