Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shades of Gray

We got some much needed rain today, a gentle soaking under a misty gray sky.  Normally I really enjoy the rain, especially listening to it, but this particular weather system brought me a headache.  I didn't feel 100% all day (and still tonight, after a day of advil, mucinex, and even after a rare nap after lunch, I'm dragging).  But, my garden is loving the moisture and cooler temperatures.  I went out and pulled a couple armfuls of weeds from the front flower bed, which was relaxing enough.  With the moist soil, the weeds pulled easily, and I brought a handful of dandelion greens in for the guinea pigs, which totally made their day.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to make a start on painting our office/dining room.  Our daughter will go spend the day with friends, and our son will have a friend from that same family here for some "guy time."  The room will be painted a very pale celadon green, almost the color of the background of my blog, come to think of it.

The guinea girls are settling in to their new home and routine very well.  Cocopuff, normally the skittish one, almost fell asleep on me today.  They're such great pets.  I'll put their new cages together over the weekend, after the painting is all done and the room is rearranged.

This fall my husband will be making me a table for my art projects.  I'll put it under the windows in the office, where I'll have all the natural light I want.  I can imagine working there through all the seasons, watching the birds at the feeder and the kids on the swing set, and the garden as it goes through its changes.  I've never had a dedicated work space for my art before.

I've been working on a couple new drawings this week.  I finished adding color to one tonight, and worked a little on the second, but the work was bothering my eyes and aggravating my headache, so I went out to pull weeds instead.  The first drawing is of four interlocked puzzle pieces, covered with my usual designs.  I've been wanting to do an autism awareness piece for a while (the puzzle piece is an American autism awareness symbol).  The second piece is much more free-form, and with totally different designs filling in the shapes (reminiscent of a 60s flower-starburst fabric).  I plan to accent it with multiple colors, just for fun.  I'll get photos of both drawings soon.  I also might be going down to the Binghamton area to visit friends later this week and pick up some finished pieces from The Clay Ground, and drop off the three ornaments I just finished for firing.  I'm really going to try to bring my shop inventory up to 100 items by November, in the hope of making some Christmas sales.

Quiet day, quiet evening, kids in bed comparatively early.  I think I'll head that direction too.  Good night!