Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Worst Mom In The World. . . .

. . . . is ME!  According to my (grounded from all electronics and friends today) daughter, at least.  Her attitude has been terrible the past couple days, and getting on top of that has been a serious pain.  I should call my Mom and tell her that Bill Cosby's Curse ("May you have children just like yourself!") worked twice over, and very effectively, but now that we're both older she'd laugh at me at my well-deserved comeuppance, then commiserate in genuine sympathy that I got it.  It's amazing what having kids of my own has taught me about my parents.

My daughter just came in form the garden with her first ripe cantaloupe - oh, the excitement!  She planted them on a whim (she doesn't eat melon usually), and I've never grown them, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Her vines have thrived, and she had seven melons ripening - now six.  We'll enjoy the melon with dinner tonight, and both kids said they'd try some.  She also has been harvesting handfuls of strawberries from her plants, which were just put in this summer.  They're small and sweet - we can hardly wait for next year, when she'll have more.

I planted blueberries this spring, and of the eight plants I put in, only four have made it.  I wasn't too impressed when they arrived from the place I ordered them from (they weren't real strong plants, and a couple looked like they arrived dead).  We're going to make raised beds in that area, so the plants will get lifted and replanted in September, and I'll add new plants (from somewhere else) next year.  I've always wanted to grow my own blueberries, and in a raised bed I can control the pH and soil texture - blueberries like acidic soil, and lots of organic matter.  They'll benefit from the used guinea pig pine bedding litter, of which I have a never-ending supply.

The tomatoes and peppers are starting to roll in from the garden now.  I need to make salsa in the next few days, to do something productive with the abundance.  I've also got a couple really nice eggplants to use to make eggplant "Parmesan" casserole this weekend.  It's so nice to have a vegetable garden again, after going without one for several years at the old house (due to a plague of woodchucks, and a serious problem with squirrels).