Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunshine and bird feeders

This evening, at long last, we have SUNSHINE.  We've had a wet, overcast spell for 4 days or so, with a brief period of sunshine yesterday morning that didn't last, and I've been missing the sun, so I'm very glad to have it back now.  I'm not generally affected by grey weather, or seasonal affective disorder either, but I was really missing bright light and blue skies by this morning.  Welcome back, sun, and thank you, Lord, for bringing it.

Ever have a day where you feel like you're just dragging yourself around, and killing time until you can go back to bed?  I've felt like that today.  I made myself do a bunch of chores - mowing the back yard, vacuuming the downstairs, going out to run errands to the school, the post office, and a couple other places.  It was too cool to take the kids to the pool, which had been Plan A, so I decided to get those other things done rather than sit home and dwell on my weather/tension headache.  My neck is still as tight as a coiled spring, but I'm loving the sunshine, and determined to not take my blues out on my family.  I would dearly love to go get a massage, though.

One of the places we went today was Wild Birds Unlimited.  My lovely mother-in-law and father-in-law gave me a gift certificate from there for my birthday, and I wanted to get the parts to build a large bird-feeder station.  I've got feeders, several different styles, but I've only used the big one on a 1" metal pole for the past year.  This weekend I'm going to sink a 4x4 piece of treated lumber into the ground and mount a wrought-iron looking candelabra  system to which I can attach various feeders.  The whole thing won't be done in one weekend (I still need a couple extender arms and hooks), but I wanted to get the base done.  I'll mount the "feeder tree" where the single feeder is now, outside my office window, about a dozen feet from the house, in the lawn.  That way anything that falls and germinates can simply be mowed down.  I might need to get a squirrel baffle - we'll see.  We have all of one juvenile squirrel around our yard, and it certainly can't get into the big feeder, which has perch mechanism that closes when anything heavier than a blue jay lands on it.

I love watching the birds, all year long.  Our new home has somewhat different birds than we attracted at our old home, since our other house was beside a wooded ravine, and our new home is in a much more open neighborhood.  It's been fun identifying the birds I'm not familiar with, and seeing familiar friends as well.  Orioles, white-breasted nuthatches, tufted titmice, several kinds of sparrows, and cardinals are regulars in our new yard.  The bluebirds visit occasionally, and we had a red-winged blackbird once.  I've seen barn swallows cruising the neighborhood, and of course robins and mourning doves, but nary a blue jay. I don't see many chickadees, either, and they're one of my favorites.  They're always so bold and friendly.
These feeder pictures are all from our old house.  When I get the new feeder tree set up, I'll get pictures to share.