Saturday, September 18, 2010

Busy life, it's all good

 The Palatine Church, near Fort Plain, NY

The past couple days have been a blur of cleaning, canning, baking, yard work, house stuff, family stuff, and generally running around for my whole family.  Today it's good to be out of the house, although we're still in busy-mode.  This morning our son has a Scout activity at the Great Swamp Conservancy's annual Fall Migration Festival, and our daughter had a soccer game.  We'll regroup for lunch, then head out for another family visit that will take up most of the rest of the day and involve a lot of driving.  The driving is busy and relaxing at the same time - going somewhere, but able to relax along the way.  I'll drive on the way down, and my husband can drive on the way back, and hopefully the kids will bring enough to occupy themselves without resorting to sibling-baiting to pass the time.

Last night I made a double batch of biscotti, and a pan of homemade brownies.  The biscotti are my specialty, and I make them for all sorts of occasions.  Last night I made chocolate chip, but I make many other flavors.  My husband's favorite is Double Chocolate, my sister Tracey likes the Almond, my sister Debbie likes the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Spice, and my sister Kelly likes the Vanilla.  My Mom's favorite is the Chocolate Chip, and my Dad likes the Almond.  I've also made Vienna Chip (cinnamon w/chocolate chips), Cranberry Orange, Gingerbread, Cinnamon Walnut,  and Plain Chocolate.  I'm not sure what my favorite is; I guess I like them all.

When my parents and sister visited yesterday, they brought with them the items from the two studios that fire my ceramics.  I was so pleased with how they turned out this time, especially the large vase.

I like how the tile turned out, too.  Tiles are fun to do - they're like paintings, really.  I also got back three ornaments, two of which are in my shop already.  One still needs a cap and hanger, so it will be listed as soon as I can get that.  Fortunately, the craft stores are all getting ready to put out their Christmas stuff.  (They've had the Halloween stuff out for a couple weeks now - what's up with that??  It's ridiculous to push the seasons ahead like that; it just makes the seasons seem too rushed.)