Monday, September 27, 2010

Serving Pieces

 It feels a little like Winnie The Pooh's blustery day today - not that it's windy, but it's drizzly and cool with lots of falling leaves.  I like this weather - it's perfect for taking a nap, or enjoying quiet time with the cats, or working on drawing, or quilting.  This afternoon I talked for quite a while with my sister, and then for another long time with my Mom - family stuff, kid stuff, marriage stuff, stuff stuff.  It was good to share heartaches and struggles and receive (and give) comfort and encouragement.

I finally photographed some ceramics I've had for a while.  I've been debating round and round about whether to send these down to The Lemon Tree in NC, since I haven't had many sales there.  I've finally decided to send a box of my paintings and drawings
down there, and to keep the ceramics here for my Etsy shop.  The profit margin is much better for me on the 2D works than the ceramics, because of the 40% commission the shop charges.   (30-40% seems to be typical in shops selling on consignment, and  40% is too high for me to keep my ceramics competitively priced with other merchandise.)   I hope this works out for both of us, since it's not fair to tie up their shelf space with items that aren't selling, and I'd like to have some of my smaller ceramics back from there to list online. 

We'll see how this works out.  Some days I wonder if I'll EVER make a profit selling my work.  I've got a lot to learn about marketing my art and ceramics, and they're really two totally different markets altogether.