Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Small Victories

- Hearing our son say that he had talked to a kid who had gotten on his nerves the other day, and that he said to him, "No hard feelings," and they were friends again.  This is amazing to hear from our son!  Maybe there's hope that he'll get along with his sister eventually, lol.

-  Finally mailing a box with two framed drawings, one framed acrylic painting, and one decorated wooden cross to The Lemon Tree.  I don't know why it took me so long to get a package out in the mail to them, except that I couldn't decide what to send.  Ceramics or art?  A little of both?  I finally settled on sending the art, and keeping the ceramics here.

-  Going for a walk along the Erie Canal this morning.  I've been wanting to get back to regular exercise, but the first month of school and some serious family stresses over the past couple weeks totally derailed me.  It felt good to get out and walk, and the canal trail segment I was on was so peaceful.  At one point I took a break and lay down on a bench, looking up through the branches of a tree, listening to the woodland sounds nearby.  I hope I can make that walk a more frequent occurrence.  But, I need to take my camera next time - I saw so many wonderful opportunities to capture beauty.

-  Edging and mulching another segment of the bed along the back of the house.  I only have one 6-foot segment to go!  Another project that is taking far longer than I wanted, but sometimes things just have to get done in small doses.

-  Scoring some bargains at the thrift shop today.  It's always good to find almost-new things for bargain prices, and I also found some Magic School Bus chapter books for our daughter, who loves to read.

-  Ordering some daylilies from Browns Ferry Gardens.  I got a $50 voucher when I joined the American Hemerocallis Society this summer, so I tried a new nursery from their participating list (none of my "regulars" were on the list).  I'm getting three bright/hot colored ones for the front yard:  'Forsyth Golden Eagle' (tall, solid dark gold), 'Red Squirrel' (a rusty-orange mini-flowered one) and 'Southern Patriot' (gold with a russet eye and edge - very bold).

-  Collecting seed from my garden - zinnias, sunflowers, amaranth, nicotiana, Siberian irises, daylilies.  I've got a box of seed I need to severely edit, since some of the seed is 5-6 years old.  I hate to throw seed out, but much of it won't be viable now, and my germination rates for winter sowing last winter weren't as good as in past years in part because so much of my seed was older.  Time for a fresh start!