Friday, October 1, 2010


This feels like it's been a week of Mondays, and each morning I'm still trying to remember what I have to do for the day.  I've been totally unfocused, and I hope this feeling ends soon, because it's making me a little crazy.

A string of small tasks awaited me today:  go to the music store, get my hair trimmed, pick up some odds and ends, do our son's laundry, pack his stuff for his camping trip (or at least set it out where he can find it and pack it himself after school, lol), make chicken and wild rice soup and biscuits for dinner tonight (we're having friends over), tidy up the downstairs, and find our daughter's soccer uniform for her game tomorrow morning.  So far I've made it up to putting the laundry in the dryer, and I just put the chicken on to cook for the soup.  Everything will get done eventually, but I'd like to feel on top of things for a change. 

Tomorrow my husband and I will have a long date, while our son is camping and our daughter is with my sister-in-law.  We're going to go for a long drive, and eventually end up in Skaneateles, NY, for dinner.  We went there last fall and really loved it, and we've been saying we need to go back ever since.  This trip will give us some time to talk without interruptions by the phone, the kids, or anything else.  It will be good to do something fun, out of town, and relax together for a day.