Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Skaneateles and Field Bands

This past weekend my husband and I had the opportunity to get away by ourselves for the day.  Our son was at a Boy Scouts Camporee, and our daughter was being spoiled by her Aunt Teresa overnight, so we had hours and hours to ourselves - a rare luxury.  My husband wasn't feeling well (getting over bronchitis), but we decided that staying home would be a terrible shame on such a gorgeous day.  We decided to drive to Skaneateles, NY, for dinner.

The village of Skaneateles (pronounced "skinny-atlas" by locals) is on beautiful Skaneateles Lake in Central NY.  It's a pretty little town, very picturesque, and I can't believe I forgot my camera; I was quite annoyed with myself.  (The blog pics are from last year's trip.)  Still, the camera might have been a distraction, since my husband and I wanted and needed to spend some time talking.  Marriage is hard work, and ours has been a labor of love for over 15 years now.  Some times flow easily, some times are exciting and fun, and still other times are like rocky rapids.  We've been hitting a lot of rocks lately, with the occasional waterfall for variety.

We walked out on the pier and enjoyed the view, then wandered through town looking at the shops, and eventually we sat in the park overlooking the lake for a while.  We had dinner at the Sherwood Inn, and it was wonderful.  Not only was the food absolutely excellent, but we got to sit on the enclosed porch of the building, overlooking the lake, for our supper.  It was a delightful meal.

To get to Skaneateles, we took the scenic (?) route, right through the south side of Syracuse.  My husband was getting fitted for new running shoes, a long-awaited special purchase, so we just included that in our jaunt.  On the way through Camillus, we saw that the West Genesee High School was hosting a New York State Field Band Competition that evening.  My husband LOVES field band competitions, and his eyes lit up right away.  So, after our meal, we drove back through town and stopped to see if we could still get into the stadium to watch.  We'd missed about 45 minutes of the competition, but they were still letting people in (and had stopped charging admission, too).  The people were packed in the stadium like sardines - I didn't realize it was such a big event, but my husband wasn't surprised at all.  He'd told me that people in Central NY were rabid about their bands, but I had no idea it was THIS big.  We squeezed into the crowd and found a place to sit, and enjoyed the rest of the show.  Those high school kids did a fantastic job, and we heard some really great musicianship and saw some good footwork and precision marching.  My husband wants to take the whole family to see a national-level field band competition in November, which sounds like fun to me.