Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feels Like Spring?

Today was a lovely day, well into the 70s with a nice breeze and partially sunny.  I spent part of the day helping my sister-in-law put up mini blinds and curtains in her new apartment.  It's always nice to spend time with her, and we had fun with the project, ending with a late lunch at Dunkin' Donuts.  I beat the kids' school bus home by just a couple minutes, and after a short break I went back outside to do some yard work.

I dug up the dying golden junipers by the front walk.  They'd already been moved once, during the retaining wall project last year, so they weren't totally reestablished yet and were easy to dig up again.  I knocked the dirt off their roots and hauled them down to the curb to wait for brush collection day.  Then I planted the little green junipers I scored on clearance at Lowes a few days ago.  There was already one larger 'Old Gold' juniper there, planted last year.  It was one of a pair, but one died - I think when I fertilized my evergreens with those Jobes spikes, I got the spike too close to the new bush, and it was "burned" by the fertilizer.  Live and learn, I won't make that mistake again!  The 'Old Gold' junipers will be a more manageable size at maturity than the golden junipers, and will handle the exposed location just fine.  I need to spread a couple bags of fresh mulch around them this weekend, and they'll be set for the winter.

 I also planted some tulip bulbs that I got for half price; I might have to go back for more before the garden center closes this weekend.  I put 'Carnival de Nice' along the center of the retaining wall (they're white with fine red flares and a yellow base, to bring some jazz to the solid yellow and white tulips and 'Ice Follies' daffodils already there).  Then I planted four clumps of 'Kees Nelis' among the new shrubs - that variety is scarlet with yellow-gold edges, like a brighter version of 'Gavota,' which I have elsewhere in the front yard.  I'm already anticipating the beautiful colors of spring. 

(Photo of 'Kees Nelis' from www.americanmeadows.com)