Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve at last

Earlier this month it seemed like Christmas Eve would never get here, that we had all the time in the world to get ready.  Now, suddenly it seems, it's here.  I'm glad, though - I'm ready for it, and the kids need the anticipation to reach its fulfillment and end.  The presents are all bought and wrapped, the baking is done, we'll be going to church tonight for a candlelight service, and tomorrow is THE BIG DAY.  How fun, how special, and how many memories I have of Christmases past.

I remember our son's first Christmas.  He was about 10 weeks old, and we put him under the tree and took pictures of him with some little Winnie the Pooh stuffed baby toys we had given him.  Our best Christmas gift, he was such a cute little boy.  The stuffed Piglet became his best bedtime buddy for a long time; our son called him "Piggit!"

 At our daughter's first Christmas, she was 10 months old, and scooting around on her fanny to get to things.  We had to put the tree in the family room and gate the door to keep her from getting at the tree and denuding it of ornaments.  We have some very cute pictures of her sitting by the tree, reaching for the sparklies and danglies she knew she shouldn't play with.  We gave her a little blonde-haired, lavender-PJed Maggie Raggie doll for her first Christmas (it looked just like her), and Dolly became her best friend for YEARS afterward.  In fact, we went out and bought a couple identical spare dollies because we knew that there would be misery and despair if the original Dolly ever went missing (or had to be washed and dried and was out of sight for a couple hours).

Our daughter would still like to believe in Santa, just a little.  I'm willing to play along, and let her have that Christmas magic for one more year.  There's no harm in it, and she's having fun.  On the last day of school this week her class had a pajama party and brought their favorite stuffed animals, and watched "The Polar Express."  They had hot chocolate and candy canes, and the teacher gave each child a jingle bell on a ribbon as a keepsake.  What a fun memory!

Merry Christmas, friends!  May you have a beautiful, blessed holiday.  May Jesus' love be with you tonight, tomorrow, and all year long.